Medicus Women’s Jumbo Driver

Dual Hinged Training Club

Posted by Robert

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Medicus Women's Jumbo Driver Look at this crazy looking club with the hinge on the shaft. It's one of those Medicus swing trainers and yes, it works.

It takes a little patience because the first time you swing this thing you are going to look pretty foolish. The club shaft has a dual hinge that makes the club shaft break in two if you swing it with bad tempo. In fact, your first few swings you may not make contact with the golf ball at all. If you do make contact, you will probably shank it. But hang in there because it doesn't take long to get the hang of, and I guarantee it will help improve your golf swing.

The idea is to sweep the club back with good tempo as opposed to jerking it back. If you swing the club on plane and with consistent tempo throughout, the hinge will not release and you will make solid contact with the ball.

This Jumbo Driver is fine, but I would recommend the 460 CC Driver instead. This club looks and feels more like the real drivers that are being used today. I always recommend practicing with the closest thing to the genuine article as possible. This will give you more confidence when you are out there on the links.

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