Medicus Junior 5 Iron Club

Dual Hinged Youth Training Swing Aide

Posted by Robert

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Medicus Junior 5 Iron Club Here's the junior version of one of the best tools invented for improving your golf swing. I would recommend this Medicus Junior's Dual Hinged 5 Iron for your child if he already has achieved a certain amount of success with his golf swing. In other words, this club is not designed for beginners, but will certainly help correct swing flaws once you have learned to consistently make solid contact with the ball

The Medicus consists of a hinge on the shaft of a 5-iron. The concept being that unless you swing the club with good tempo and on plane, the hinge will release and you will not make solid contact with the ball. You may not even make any contact with the ball. With the Medicus, you cannot pick the club up to start your swing (a very common swing flaw). Instead, to keep the hinge from releasing, you will need to sweep the club back. The Medicus will teach you to use your body more and concentrate on tempo.

The Medicus is my favorite swing trainer and is something that I go back to frequently when I am struggling with my swing. I like the Medicus Junior's Dual Hinged Jumbo Driver even more than the five iron because with the heavier club head, it takes even more skill to swing.

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