Maruman Shuttle M-Sole Hybrid

Mens Club Black Chrome

Posted by Jess

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Maruman Shuttle M-Sole Hybrid Where have I been? When I first saw this product, I had to do a little research. Maruman? Who or what is that? Apparently, it is a company that self-describes their specialty as being one who produces high-end clubs for the prestigious users.

Frankly, their website -- and their clubs -- look a little snooty for me. I'm not too much into the gold-plated-looking "majesty" drivers.

While this club looks sharp in black chrome, the Maruman Shuttle M-Sole Men's hybrid doesn't do much else for me. It boasts a deeper center of gravity -- but so does every hybrid and fairway wood out there now.

I would be interested in seeing how a ball felt on impact, because the one intriguing thing to me was the maraging steel that allows for a very thin (1.9mm) face thickness, thereby allowing for greater repulsion.

I would have to see it. As it's not a new Callaway, TaylorMade, or Nike, it's tough to spend the type of money that these are going for without being familiar with the brand, company, or quality.

There is a two-year warranty, but that's not enough to sell me on a club. Now, "name" isn't enough to sell me either, but I tend to trust a manufacturer that I've heard of over one that I had to research after playing golf for 22 years.

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