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Medicus Golf Training Driver | Dual Hinged 460cc

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Mark O’Meara DVD You've seen the infomercials on the golf channel. Up late, can't sleep, so you flip on the boob tube and there's Mark O'Meara swinging that Medicus golf club. You are thinking, "Hmmm I wonder if that thing works?" and "I betcha I could swing that club without the hinge breaking!" Well the answer is yes, it does work. It's a great swing trainer, and no, you can't do it. Well, that is, not without a little practice.

If you're not familiar with the Medicus line of clubs, let me "edjamacate" you. Some brilliant guy (who is certainly sitting on a beach in Tahiti right now counting his riches) came up with the idea of putting a hinge on the shaft of a golf club. The concept being that unless you swing the club with the buttery tempo of Ernie Els, and are perfectly on plane like Tiger Woods, then the hinge at the end of the shaft releases and you will shank the golf ball across the range and hit the guy standing next to you.

I started with the Medicus 5 iron a few years ago when my friend Nick pulled one out of his bag and bet me $5 that I couldn't make contact with my golf ball. Sure enough, I spent the next hour waving this broken stick at my ball like I was trying to shoo a bumblebee away! If you have a "handsy" swing and/or your take away is too steep, then "faww-gett-a-boutit!" After another hour, I started to get the hang of it. I really had to concentrate on taking the club back in one piece smoothly, and continue with a steady rhythm throughout my golf swing.

I like this 460cc driver better than both the 5 iron and the previous model driver. Unlike the previous model driver that Mr. O'Meara swings in the commercial, the new one has a look and feel of our modern drivers, and with the bigger, heavier 460cc head, the hinge is even more sensitive to breaking down.

I would recommend adding this to your chest of golf training tools, as I always like to pull it out when I need to work on my tempo. And I rarely ever watch Mark O'Meara on the golf channel anymore -- because now it's always on that Psychic Hotline infomercial.

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