Linksman Golf Push Cart

Black Adjustable Folding 3 Wheel X-7

Posted by Robert

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Linksman Golf Push Cart Smart golfers have discovered that they can save their backs by getting these push carts. If you save your back, you're going to save yourself some strokes in the process. It took me a little while to come around to the push cart, me being a purist and all. I insisted on lugging my sticks around on my back. Boy, am I glad I finally invested in one.

This Linksman Golf X-7 Golf Push Cart is one of the nicer ones that I've seen, and it costs just about the same as my basic one that I bought a few years ago. Like most push carts, it will adjust to just about any size bag and is very portable. This is where the similarities end with my basic push cart.

Unlike mine, the Linksman X-7 has two drink holders, one where the scorecard holder is and one off to the side where it is very convenient to grab. This cart has three inflatable wheels, whereas mine has the cheap solid plastic ones. Oh, and another cool upgrade: There are various lie angles that you can adjust to, thus you can make it very specific to your height.

The thing I like best about it is you can fold it up while your golf bag is still attached. How cool is that? I get pretty tired of strapping my bag on and off the cart before tossing it into my truck, especially after a long, hard fought round on the links.

And don't worry; you shouldn't have any trouble lifting your cart and bag into the trunk. After all, your back should be fine since you didn't have to haul around that heavy golf bag.

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