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Laser Alignment Aid Putting SystemThis wonderful game of golf we play is all about putting. You don't believe me? Go watch the 2009 British Open again. Good old Tom Watson held our attention for 4 days attempting to become the oldest guy at age 59 to win a major, and in the end it all came down to an 8-foot putt, which he missed... horribly.

So here's another device that is going to help us improve our putting, and it appears they came up with it using space-age technology!

"What's that you got thar on yer putter thar, Pete?"

"Why, it's a LASER!"

Yup. Now you can fix your putting alignment and later do some Lasix surgery to fix that near-sightedness. Okay, I joke around, I'm being a little ridiculous. Of course you can't really fix your putting with this stupid thing. Heeeyooooo...

Joking aside, it's really not a bad concept. You attach a laser to your putter to better help you understand where your putter is pointing. Save your money, folks, and your time taping this device onto your putter. If you want to find out where your putter is lined up, try stroking a putt on a flat surface and look where the ball goes. (I know, I'm brilliant.)

If that's not doing it for you, and you're still struggling to understand where your putter face is pointed, just tape a tee onto the top of the putter face. Please make sure to tape the tee on straight. Now stroke a few putts.

Sorry, but I don't like most golf gadgets, and this one is no exception -- but there are some good ones out there. Take a look at the Stance Minder Training System that will help you line up your stance and putter square.

And as far as Tom Watson goes, he's still a heck of a putter, and he's made a lot of those pressure putts in the past, but just not this one. Unfortunately, in this game it all comes down to putting.

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