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Kallassy Swing Magic Driver The marketing for this Kallassy Swing Magic Driver starts by quoting "legendary" golf instructor Bob Toski who said, "With the golf swing, you have to learn to feel the force, not force the feel."

That reminds me of a quote by "legendary" golf writer Robert Ludwig who once said, "With stupid cliché one liners, one needs to learn to turn over the overturned, not overturn the turnover." (That is unless the apples and frosting are dripping all over your lap.)

The Kallassy Magic Driver has a funky grip that helps you get your hands in the correct position. In addition, there is a sliding bell-shaped doo-hickey so that the bottom part of your hand is just off the grip. The separation of the grips is going to "allow you to get in a position with a deep shoulder turn and maximum coil." Wow, and all this time I thought I couldn't make a full turn because I was old and inflexible. Phew. What a relief!

Okay, enough sarcasm.

1) If you don't know (or are unsure) if you have a good grip, please go visit your local golf course and have a PGA pro take a look at your grip. Chances are he won't charge you a dime (unless you take a lesson).

2) If you want to get the feel of what it's like to swing with your hands separated, then grip a club like a baseball bat and swing it with your hands separated. Make sure to grip the club in your fingers, not your palms. Now make a full turn with your shoulders. (Lather, rinse, and repeat.)

Also, if you want a great swing trainer, take a look at the Medicus. That's the golf club with the hinge that releases if you have bad tempo or are not on plane.

Finally, don't forget: If you spend your money on bad things, bad things will happen to your money.

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