Izzo Swing Mirror

Convex Training Aid 13 Inch

Posted by Jess

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Izzo Swing Mirror Can someone tell me how this helps?

No, I'm serious. I actually can't figure out this training aid. It's an Izzo Swing Mirror, about 13" in size, and convex so that you can see yourself well in it. Ok, maybe you can check your grip and club face and even see the ball position. But once a person begins to swing, I personally would find it very difficult to swing properly and have my head looking up, when it's supposed to be down.

The price listed for this mirror is too steep, and again, the training aid just seems very impractical. Alternative? Get out your old video camera that you shoved in the drawer after the last Christmas that you recorded, pop it on a cheap tri-pod for 1/3 of the price of this mirror, and tape your swing.

Then move angles and do it again. Repeat, and repeat, and repeat. In my opinion, this would be a much better use of a training aid than trying to watch and critique myself at the same time I'm swinging!

Izzo products are good, and all of them come with a good warranty, but this one just doesn't fit in the "practical" pile for me.

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