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Backyard Golf Practice Net | 7 x 7 Feet

Posted by Robert

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Izzo Big Daddy Insta-Net It's summertime. Sixteen hours of daylight, and most of it is spent in our backyards barbequing and hanging out with friends. How about setting up a driving range back there?

This Izzo Big Daddy Insta-Net sets up in minutes and is a lot fun for you and your friends. The grass in my backyard was a little tough to hit out of, so I went to Home Depot and bought a heavy-duty front door mat and nailed it into the ground. My friends and I took turns whacking the ball into the net. I even gave a few lessons in between flipping the burgers.

A word of warning though: Make sure you tee the ball up close enough to the Insta-Net so that an off-line shot doesn't miss the net completely, ricocheting off of your garage and breaking your next door neighbor's car window. (I would not like to comment any further regarding this specifically happening to me, as the case is still pending.)

Don't be surprised if your house turns out to be the hangout for your newly-addicted golf buddies, but who cares? It's summertime -- just make sure they buy the burgers.

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