HiPPO XXL Hybrid Iron

Men’s Golf Club Set

Posted by Robert

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HiPPO XXL Hybrid Iron To score in this game, you've got to hit the green. Nothing is more frustrating than bombing a drive off the tee only to duff your iron shot 3 feet. I remember the days when I was much more nervous standing over that darn 100-yard pitch shot than I was about hitting my driver off of the tee box.

If you're just starting out or you're simply frustrated with trying to get your irons up in the air, than you are going to want to explore hybrid irons. These HiPPO XXL Hybrid Irons are designed to feel like a wood. The big head will give you some confidence and help you get the ball up in the air quicker and easier. With a low center of gravity, you'll find it easier to swing. And the high MOI will reduce the twisting, making it much more forgiving than your old traditional irons.

These HiPPO Hybrids aren't bad, but I like the feel and the look of the Adams A2 irons better. Adams' expertise in the hybrids leads the market, and A2s give you that hybrid technology without giving away too much of the control and feel. They look more like your typical irons, and I think you'll find that you'll be able to appreciate them much longer as your game improves.

So hit that big drive in the fairway, and walk up to that pitch shop full of confidence. I promise you your scores are going to go down.

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