Golf Wine Charm Set, Fore 1407

Pewter Drink Clips w/ Golf Cart, Bag, Clubs, Tee & Flag

Posted by Robert

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Golf Wine Charm Set, Fore 1407 Have you ever been to those swanky dinner parties where everybody is walking around with charms on their wine glasses? You haven't? Me neither. (But I saw one on television.) And I'll tell you what I learned -- Rich people hate it when somebody else drinks out of their wine glass!

All kidding aside, these wine charms are pretty cool. They are about the size of those Monopoly game playing pieces, and they clip on to the bottom of your wine glass. (I don't have wine glasses at home but I figured out I could jab them into the side of my beer koozie just the same so my friend Skeeter would quit stealing my Budweiser.) Speaking of beer koozie -- you are never going to believe what I found on Amazon: A Remote Control Beer Pager.

But I digress -- these charms consist of six pewter designs: a golf cart, a golf bag, two clubs with a ball, a golf ball on a tee, a flag, and a guy lining up a putt. I like the golf cart the best because I think the two stars above the cart look cool.

I also came up with a great drinking game using these charms --- simply draw the likeness of each charm on a die and give it a roll. (I know -- its genius is in its simplicity.)

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