Golf Pride Black Grips, Tour Wrap Set

Easy Repair with Tape, Clamp, Solvent

Posted by Robert

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Golf Pride Black Grips, Tour Wrap Set Golf grips are like the tires on your car. You would never drive around on bald, worn tires, now would you? Why are you still swinging those nasty golf grips? Time to get a new set -- and you are not going to believe how they will improve your drive.

These Golf Pride Tour wraps are one of the most popular grips out there, and for good reason. To stick with the car analogies, the look and feel reminds me of sitting in a brand new luxury Cadillac with leather interior. No, the grips are not leather, but they feel like it.

If you've never tried these popular grips, you are in for a treat. Many of my golf buddies swing these on all of their sticks. They last a long time, and they hold up well in the weather.

I recommend these grips for all golfers, but I prefer a little more tackiness in my golf grip. If you want to check out a more recent design, take a look at the Golf Pride DD2 grips. These are a little firmer with a flashier look.

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