Golf Folding Push Cart by Sun Mountain, Speed V1

Pneumatic Tires

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Golf Folding Push Cart by Sun Mountain,About ten years ago when I "caved in" and decided I was going to buy one of these push carts (my back had had enough) I asked my good friend Nick what I should buy. Of course, I had been teasing Nick relentlessly since he started using a push cart, calling him "an old man." (He is ten years younger than me.)

Nick instructed, "Make sure you get one that folds up compact enough to fit in your trunk, and don't buy one with those cheap looking plastic wheels." This Sun Mountain Speed Cart meets both of these criteria.

This Speed Cart has shock-absorbing pneumatic tires. (Yes, I had to look up the word "pneumatic" in the dictionary. It means it has inflatable tires.) And it folds up very easily and is compact enough to fit in most trunks.

If you were to ask me what to look for in a push cart (not Nick), I'd just tell you to get one with a drink holder, maybe a couple of drink holders. This Sun Mountain only has one, but I can recommend a great golf bag to throw on this which has an insulated cooler pouch! Check out the Sun Mountain 2009 SCB Speed Cart Bag.

Finally, another push cart that l like the look of a little bit better is the Clicgear 2.0 Push Golf Cart. It's sportier-looking then this Sun Mountain, but it does have those "cheap looking" plastic wheels.

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