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Golf Digest Magazine Tips from PGA ProBefore these were compiled and put into a book, these tips ran in Golf Digest Magazine. I remember looking forward to getting my Golf Digest in the mail and it was usually the 1st article that I turned too.

Simply put, the authors have created lessons for us to focus on that will help us break through and get off of our plateaus. And of course, in golf those big plateaus are breaking 100, 90 and 80.

Every aspect of the game is covered from driving to putting, and each lesson is directed to one of the three categories with teaching by many of the greats. Just like you wouldn't learn algebra before you learn to multiply, you wouldn't teach somebody who hasn't corrected his slice to hit a high hook when the wind is left to right.

However, while it's not prudent for the higher handicappers to read the lower handicapper instructions, the reverse is not necessarily true. Even though I was excited to read the sections directed towards breaking 80 first, it helped to go back and review some of the basics taught to the breaking 100 and 90 as well.

I highly recommend this book to all golfers. But keep in mind it's a compilation of tips rather than a book to build a perfect golf swing. For a comprehensive book on learning the fundamentals, check out: "The Fundamentals of Hogan."

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