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Golf Cradle Bag Closure When I first saw this contraption, I wanted to tee a football up and try a field goal. Turns out, that's not the primary design here.

This invention came straight from the Golf Channel's television show Fore Inventors Only. The design is to keep your golf clubs safe while in your trunk. How many times have you yanked your golf clubs out of the trunk, only to find half of them spilling out of the top?

The Golf Cradle will eliminate this problem. Just place your bag into the golf cradle, the arms will automatically close, and the weight of the clubs will cause it to grasp them. Secure the strap and boom, you're ready to go. The cradle keeps the open part of your bag elevated, while the weighted base keeps it from rolling around. A pretty good idea, I must say.

However, I think you could accomplish the same thing with a little creativity. For example, throw a sandbag on either end of your trunk, and lay the open end of your golf bag on that. Secure it with an ordinary strap you can buy at the hardware store, and presto -- your own Golf Cradle. Let's call it the Sand Strap.

Then again, good luck kicking field goals off of a sandbag!

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