Golf Club Head Cover Set

Luco Definitive Skulls, Black Pink

Posted by Robert

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Golf Club Head Cover Set Ahem, excuse me -- um, what the heck is this?!

I've been playing a lot of years, and I've spent many hours at the golf course, but I've yet to see anybody drive up on their Harley with their clubs strapped to their back. I'm not sure who they are marketing these club head covers to.

Let's see here: the skulls on these lovely head covers are pink. Oh, I get it now; these are for your teenage "goth" daughter with the jet black hair and the 15 piercingsā€¦ and you thought you'd never find a way to get her to like golf. "Hey honey, look what Santa brought -- Who wants to go golfing?!"

The fabric is stretchable and fade resistant, so your pink skulls will never look dull and drab. Finally, there even is a matching towel and accessory bag available. OMG! Where can I buy black golf balls?!

Hey if you like this product, go for it. Who am I to judge? I've got nothing against Harley-Davidson riders or teenage gothic girls. Of course, even if I did, I sure as heck wouldn't say so -- because both could easily kick my golf-loving butt.

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