FootJoy Classics Dry Premiere Mens Golf Shoes

Waterproof Soft Leather

Posted by Robert

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I really like the look of this classic golf shoe.  I haven’t quite adjusted to the new flashy designs that Nike and Adidas are putting out there.  I’ve read recently that FootJoy Classics are not being made anymore by FootJoy.  This is another tragedy of the recent downturn in the economy.

The reason I’m big on FootJoy shoes even more than the look is because of the comfort.  These Classics are made with soft comfortable calfskin inside and out.    Before I discovered FootJoy golf shoes, I thought that in order to find a golf shoe that was completely waterproof, you had to put up with a month or so of breaking in stiff, painful leather.  However, that’s not the case with these Classic Dry Premiere golf shoes.  They are very soft from the moment you first put them on.

The biggest complaint I’ve heard over the years about FootJoy’s revolves around their durability.  Some people have mentioned that the leather doesn’t last as long as other brands and that after a year it starts pulling apart.  This may be true, but I haven’t experienced it yet, and I’ve been wearing FJs for about ten years now.  I would recommend that you take care of them and clean them after each round and use a foot tree to maximize their longevity.  And of course, remember most FJs come with a two-year warranty.

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