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Sesame Street Driver 460 cc

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Ernie Golf Head Cover Sing it with me: "Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street??"

Check out this cool Ernie Head Cover! You remember Ernie and Bert, don't you? The stars of that old kid's television show, Sesame Street. Without Sesame Street, none of us would be able to spell, or count, or worship cookies. (We probably could have done without that last one.)

My favorite was Mr. Snuffleupagas. Remember the elephant-type creature that only Big Bird could see? Looking back now - having giant birds, mammoths, and some green thing that lived in a garbage can – as my childhood friends, It’s no wonder I have a social disorder that forces me to write golf blogs. But I digress.

You have to cover those clubheads with something. Tiger Woods covers his with a stuffed tiger. (That’s not very original, if you ask me.) Now if he covered it with a baby zebra then you have something. (Or perhaps a likeness of a Swedish Super Model.)

I remember playing one of my 1st golf tournaments. As we walked down the fairway, there was this annoying cling-clanging. It was like somebody was drumming on a metal pipe with a hammer. It was really distracting to everybody in the group. It seemed to be coming from behind me, but when I turned around it quieted. I was stumped.

Then one of the guys in my group looked at me and asked, “Hey bro, why don’t you have any head covers?”

Doh! I was the one making the noise. So you see, head covers aren’t just for protecting your clubs. They can save you some embarrassment as well. That being said, if you are walking around with Ernie and Burt head covers, then you probably have some pretty thick skin anyway.

This Ernie Head Cover will fit your biggest driver, as it can handle a 460 cc driver, and of course if you get Ernie you have to get Bert as well. They probably even have Oscar and The Cookie Monster.

I would recommend head covers for your driver, all your woods, and your hybrids. As far as the irons go, I once had head covers for them, but I decided to scatter them amongst the beautiful golf courses of the United States, very similar to how Hansel and Gretel dropped bread crumbs. If you are more organized than me, then by all means get some covers for your irons too.

If Sesame Street isn't your thing, you should check out these Florida Gators head covers. Get your favorite college team or professional team. Naturally sports teams are nearly as masculine as Sesame Street characters!

As I mentioned Tiger has a tiger, and Paula Creamer has a Pink Panther. I think John Daly has one of himself, and Ryo Ishikawa as well. That seems a little vain to me. Regardless, you certainly don't want your woods banging around in the bag. That can be humiliating. Keep ‘em clean and new with some original head covers.

"Hey…. Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?"

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