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RockRoller Putting Training Aid | Golf Stroke Pendulum Swing

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Ernie Els Putting is the key to being successful at golf, and believe it or not there aren't necessarily any fundamentals when it comes to golf. Well, that's not entirely true. It's important to set up with your eyes directly over the ball (or slightly outside) and most people would say it's important to have the ball in the center of your stance or slightly forward.

Now everybody talks about keeping your wrists locked and swinging your shoulders like a pendulum. Of course if you ever watch the pros back in the day like Arnold Palmer and even Jack Nicklaus, they had very "wristy" swings.

The Ernie Els RockRoller Putting Stroke Training Aid is going to help you get that feeling of keeping your wrists locked and rocking your shoulders, and it certainly works. The device adjusts to your arm width and height, and all you have to do is rock your shoulders to feel what it's like to have the perfect pendulum swing.

If this is a problem that you struggle with, you might also try putting with a belly putter, which effectively accomplishes the same thing. Many of the tour pros have switched to the belly putter with great success -- the latest being Stewart Cink who won the British Open in 2009.

The main thing with putting isn't necessarily knowing the fundamentals; it comes more from just having confidence - and that, my friends, just comes with practice.

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