Delta Men’s Starter Golf Set

7 Piece Right Handed

Posted by Robert

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Delta Men's Starter Golf Set Here's a 7 piece "starter set" brought to you by Delta. Wow, I knew the airline industry was in trouble, but this is ridiculous. Hahaha! Get it? (I know -- lame.)

Okay kids, my problem with these starter kits is well-documented. They're garbage. If you want to get started in golf, I recommend you invest in some decent "sticks" that you won't grow out of in a few months.

Take a look at the Adams Golf A2 Irons. These are very forgiving clubs that you will learn to hit very quickly. Trust me; with these clubs and a little practice, you will get the ball airborne in no time. What's more is, they are of high quality and will continue to compliment your game as you progress.

Think of learning golf as like learning to fly an airplane. Just because you are a beginner, you don't want scrimp on your equipment. You'd still want to get in a quality aircraft that you can learn the basics and one that will compliment your skills as you progress. Who knows, one day you may even get good enough to fly a jumbo jet. (Just don't work for Delta. They've regressed to making cheap golf clubs.)

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