Cleveland Brown Wedge Club

CG12 RTG + DSG | Narrow Sole w/ Adjustable Bounce

Posted by Robert

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Cleveland Brown Wedge Club Wedges: not just for golfers anymore. THEY ARE NOW A LIFE SAVING DEVICE! (Just ask Tiger.)

If you do plan on using this club for golfing, you are going to love these zip grooves. Man, I've got to get me some ZIP GROOVES, BABY! This wedge puts tremendous spin on your ball, but it doesn't take the finish off of it. What's more is, it has a dynamic sole for adjusting to different shots.

Let's talk shop. DSG stands for Dynamic Sole Grind. The brilliant club designers at Cleveland built a narrow leading sole with a high bounce angle with a wider trailing edge with a low bounce angle. Translating for you non-golf nerds: This means if you keep the wedge square you get your standard bounce, but open it up a little and the leading edge slides right under the ball like a spatula.

"One, two and zip" is what you can expect with those green sides shots using this CG12 DSG wedge. I usually tout the Titleist Vokey Spin Milled Wedge, but as I stated previously this wedge will not scuff your ball like the Vokey. However, I still like my Vokey, and it performs better off of tight lies than this DSG.

Finally, both wedges will perform exceptionally if needed to break out a car window. (Please wear protective eye wear.)

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