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US kids golfLet’s face it. Golf is much “younger” than it used to be. Think of it. When many of us were first learning about the game, we may not have even experimented with it until high school or even college. When we thought of golf, we thought of something that grandpas with ugly sweaters, cigars, and gastric problems participated in.

Even some of our exposure to golf was limited to Caddyshack where we laughed at the antics of Chevy Chase and Bill Murray, but still considered golf a fairly “old” sport.

Enter players like Tiger Woods. Sergio Garcia. Michelle Wie. They tore it up and made golf approachable, exciting, young. Instead of polite nods and tipping hats after sinking an incredible putt, fist pumps and victory screams began to jack people up.

Crowds followed suit. No more polite golf claps, but shouts and cheers began becoming normal as younger fans watched and appreciated younger players.

Some of the outfits are still ugly. Really, Rickie Fowler? Yikes.

Anyway, kids are interested in the sport more than ever. Why don’t we embrace the change and grab our youngsters some quality product? It seemed to work well for Earl. Who knows? Maybe we could consider it an investment in our retirement?

US Kids Brand

Dan Van Horn got his kids to start golf, but they quickly lost interest. As Van Horn researched the reason for this, he discovered that the clubs his kids were using were so incredibly heavy that the kids simply tired of swinging them. He vowed to keep his kids interested in the game and solve the same problem for kids around the world — hence creating clubs that are 25% lighter than most junior clubs. It’s a great company that does more than just products but also makes tremendous clubs for kids, whether just learning or entering junior tournaments.


The nice thing about starting the young ones with golf gear is that you can find entire sets for very inexpensive prices. Take the US Kids Golf Ultralight Junior set for example. This set has just about everything they need to tag along with you on the course — including their own driver, putter, and bag.

The only thing I couldn’t find in this category was a nice set of earplugs for the kids to pop in when Mom or Dad miss that short putt. After all, kids can learn a little too much on the golf course…

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US Kids Junior Golf Clubs, Tour Series Set of 10 w/ Driver

US Kids Junior Golf Clubs, Tour Series Set of 10 w/ Driver

Here's a set of golf clubs for your little golf prodigy. These are from the US Kids Golf Tour Series. They are designed for more advanced children who have been playing golf and have a higher swing speed than the beginner.

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US Kids Junior Golf Club Set, Ultralight Green

Includes Carry Stand Bag

US Kids Junior Golf Club Set, Ultralight Green | Includes Carry Stand Bag

So it's time to get the bambino (or bambi-nette) a set of golf clubs. This is a pretty snazzy beginner set. This set of US Kids 2008 has five golf clubs including a driver and a putter.

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