Callaway Golf Glove Set

Tour Leather Cabretta Technical Performance

Posted by Jess

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Callaway Golf Glove Set The debate rages: Glove, or No Glove?

Some think that a glove makes you look like an amateur (which is strange because so many tour players wear them). Some say that a glove gives you a more "accomplished" look -- you know, like you really know what you're doing (which is strange in that the guy is scratching his head with his gloved hand while looking for his ball).

I throw out all comments. I wear the glove. After a big game of... well ... a lot of swinging, I can feel where the grips chafe all the time. Plus, if you wear a wedding ring while you play, a glove helps that little discomfort tremendously.

Now this review is easy for me. I use these gloves. I bought this very 3 pack of Callaway Golf Gloves, although one of my Cabretta leather gloves was black. Very soft. Very comfortable. Very durable. They breathe well, and the mesh parts help keep it cool on hot days. I have only used my leather ones, and have not tried the third "Tour Technical Performance" glove yet, as I have been very satisfied with the feel of the leathers.

The velcro closure stays closed very well, even when taking it off for every putt. The price is right for these, as you would easily pay much more if you bought them separately.

Good buy. Good glove. Good Lord, where is my ball? (he said while scratching his head with a nicely gloved hand.)

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