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Posted by Robert

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Callaway Chipping Net If you drive for show and putt for dough, what do you chip for? Maybe we chip to go low. Certainly getting up and down is the key to keep the scorecard free from those ugly blemishes.

Here's a fun product brought to you from Callaway. It's a chipping net that looks like a target. Set it up in your backyard, grab your wedge, and you can play a golf version of Skee-Ball. It's set up very quickly and has three separate targets to shoot for, including a bull's-eye.

This looks like something fun to do in the backyard with your buddies while you are barbequing, but this really isn't necessarily going to help your golf game -- not unless they build a golf course with colorful nets as greens. To do real quality work on your chipping game, you're going to need a real green where you can see how the ball lands and rolls.

However, I suppose if you suffer from making inconsistent contact, this will help you practice hitting the ball solid. You should also check out the Izzo Big Daddy Insta-Net. This is a net you can practice your full shots in.

Just remember if you drive for dough, and you can chip to stay low, you won't even need to putt for dough.

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