Callaway Big Bertha i-Brid 3 Iron Club

Hybrid Large Clubface

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Callaway Big Bertha i-Brid 3 Iron Club The first time I ever heard the word "hybrid" was in 1995, and I was face to face with a four-legged beast. "W... W... Why do you have a wolf?" I asked my friend Trey.

"Oh, Rambo. He's not a wolf, silly… He's a wolf hybrid." Trey explained. Apparently some weirdo had bred a dog with a wolf. "He's really friendly too," Trey added, "Just don't make any sudden movements."

Of course, now "hybrid" and "MOI" (Moment of Inertia) are the two most common phrases in the golf manufacturer's vocabulary, and this Callaway Big Bertha #3 i-Brid is a good example of both. Technically this club is an "i-brid," not a hybrid. It has the forgiveness of a hybrid with the large clubface and the big sole (which gives it a low center of gravity), but it keeps its iron identity with the cavity-back perimeter weighting (which gives it the high MOI.)

This club is designed for the high to mid-high handicappers, although I can't really recommend it to anybody. For you high handicappers, I'd rather see you swinging a hybrid like the Nickent Golf 3DX RC Hybrid Iron/Wood Graphite. Don't get me wrong; the i-Brids are a good design and are very forgiving, and I would certainly recommend them in the shorter irons, but with your more-difficult-to-hit long clubs like the 3's and 4's, you should go with the full hybrid.

As for Rambo the wolf hybrid, I heard Trey had to release him out on a farm. Perhaps this was the only way he could get the mailman to come back to his house.

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