Cadie Ultimaxx Golf Push Cart

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Posted by Jess

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Cadie Ultimaxx Golf Push Cart I could have really used this the other day.

You ever go golfing and expect to rent a cart? Then you don't? Then you're mad at all the guys that wanted to walk because of some foreign word that they started throwing around? Exorcised or something like that...

So now I bring up the cart option, suddenly I'm the jerk. Mention that the course is pretty hilly, magically I'm the baby. Have just one little tiny asthmatic-type breathing episode after tying my shoes and -- oh sure, now I'm out of shape!

So what do I do? Besides excusing myself for a brief moment to wipe tears from my eyes and catch my breath, I rent one of the course's pull carts. That works about as well as a rented Q-tip. You ever rent course clubs? Yeah. The ones with mismatched 3, 5, and 9 irons that three different people left behind at three different holes? On purpose?

That's what a rental pull cart is like. My bag didn't fit. The handle was sticky. The wheels kept getting stuck. I needed the Ultimaxx by Cadie, with a M.A.S.H. (Multi Adapter System Handle) system so it holds everything I need. Padded handle that feels good even after lugging around for 18 holes.

And I mean all over 18 holes.

This cart also has some of the nicest 12" wheels on 2.25" wide tires. That would have been nice. You just can't get rental pull carts out of the ditch. You just can't.

So, bottom line, I still walked the rest of the holes with my friends, but in addition to their cruddy rental clubs, they also have a pull cart somewhere downstream in one of their creeks.

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  1. Paolo Danesin Says:

    Hi, my buddy backed into my CADIE ULTIMAXX push cart. The only damage is the back right wheel. Do you know where I can purchase a replacement?

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