Bionic Silver Women’s Golf Glove

Ergonomic Grip Comfort Magnetic

Posted by Jess

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Bionic Silver Women's Golf Gloves Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the technology.

ChaChaChaChaChaCha.... Man I loved that show. This is why I was excited to see the Bionic Women's Silver Golf Gloves. So imagine my slight disappointment when no robot parts fit into the equation. No '70s music either. Oh well.

However, this glove really is a nice glove. The Bionic gloves are designed especially with ergonomics in mind and especially for golfers with arthritis or other joint problems. They offer enhanced grip and comfort from the backswing to the follow through. They even have an additional row of finger pads and a taller "Anatomical Pad System" for more grip and control.

The material is soft and form-fitting and really feels good. It comes with a large, easy-to-remove and replace magnetic ball marker, and is designed to not "ball up" like leather gloves can do when exposed to moisture. It even passed a major university's independent test to prove that this glove significantly reduces pain for golfers with arthritis, although I could not find the university...

Regardless, this glove is the best you can get without cybertronic hand implants and slow motion high jumps.

There is also a men's version here.

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