Big Moss Country Club Putting Green

Indoor Practice 6 x 10 Feet

Posted by Robert

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Big Moss Country Club Putting Green ...A hush falls over the crowd. Robert Ludwig has this putt to win the US Open. The young unknown phenom who was the 942nd alternate to get into this prestigious golf tournament only needs to make a three-foot putt to beat Tiger Woods….

This is the part where I putt the ball across my carpet into a coffee cup and of course win the US Open. C'mon, we all do it.

Here's a fun little toy where you can win The Open yourself (without needing a coffee mug). It's the Big Moss Country Club Putting Green. This is a 6 X 10 practice green that you can set up quickly in your house. Shaped like a meat cleaver (or the state of Florida), it has four cups all at one end.

I'm not a huge fan of this green as it looks to be for indoor use only and I don't think you need so many cups on one end. Why not put a cup on the other end so you can putt back and forth from different spots?

This green is the cheap version of my favorite, the Tour Links Putting Green. This bad boy is a bit more expensive, but it's the real deal. You can use it indoors or out, and it has adjustable breaks. Finally, the quality of the green is a lot more realistic.

So go ahead take a shot at the US Open. Just be careful when you are running around the house celebrating. I accidentally knocked over the dog's water dish and and sent the cat racing for cover under the bed.

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