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Bert Head Cover True story: I was playing in a golf tournament last summer. I kept hearing this annoying, very distracting sound. It sounded like metal banging together with metal. Finally, while walking up the fairway with my bag on my back, one of the golfers in my pairing walked up beside me and said,

"Hey man, I was just wondering: Why don't you have any head covers on your golf clubs?"

D'oh! It turns out it was my golf bag that was causing all the racket. (That was a little embarrassing.)

Here's a creative way to keep that driver covered: with a Bert head cover. You remember Bert from Sesame Street -- him and his "male companion" Ernie. As far as I'm concerned, they were the original odd couple.

This Bert Head Cover will handle your biggest driver as it will fit on a 460 cc driver. Of course, if you get Bert, you need to get Ernie too. Please don't separate these two!

If Sesame Street isn't your thing, you should check out these Florida Gators head covers. Get your favorite college team or professional team.

Above and beyond, you need to keep your precious driver clean and new, plus it will mute that distracting "clanking" sound. (I apologize profusely again.)

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