Bag Boy Golf Folding Push Cart

Express Auto w/ 3 All Terrain Wheels

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Bag Boy Golf Folding Push Cart "Meet George Jetson…. His boy Elroy… Daughter Judy… Jane, his wife..." I don't suppose you guys remember the cartoon "The Jetsons?" Well if you did, you would know that George's futuristic flying car folds very handily into his briefcase. We are getting closer and closer to this technology with these fold-up push carts.

The Bag Boy Express Auto Push Cart has a one-step mechanism that enables the cart to fold up in one easy step. It folds up very compact to fit in even the smallest trunk. (Not quite as small as a briefcase.)

The cart when opened is a lightweight, three-wheeled sporty little thing. It can carry any size bag and is equipped with G-Force wheel technology. This technology enables the cart to hover above the ground like George's car.

I'm sorry -- that's not true.

The G-Force is a low profile, wide-contact wheel with a raised center tread. Thus you can drive this thing over any terrain. But of course you will only need to drive it in the fairway, right?

Finally, the cart has an adjustable handle to suit any height, a parking brake, a mesh storage bag, and a handy-dandy beverage holder.

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