Bag Boy Automatic Push Cart

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Bag Boy Automatic Push Cart If you're like me, then you really don't worry too much about lugging your golf clubs around. Your personal caddie shows up at the golf course an hour before you do and prepares your clubs, marks off distances, and then carries your bag during your round. (You might think I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.)

All joking aside, if you don't have one of these push carts, do your back a favor and go get one. Not only will you feel better after your round, but you will save yourself strokes having more endurance to pull off that clutch shot on #18 with all the skins riding in the balance.

This particular cart, the Bag Boy Automatic, is your basic model. It has all your standard features: it has 3 wheels, is adjustable to almost all golf bags, and has a telescoping handle to adjust to your height.

What I don't like about it is the cheap plastic wheels. Plus I like a few more bells and whistles when it comes to my push cart.

Take a look at the Linksman Golf X-7 Golf Push Cart. Not only does it have real wheels, but the coolest thing is you can also fold it up while your bag is still on it.

Of course I don't really need any of these features, because my caddie handles all the loading and unloading.

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