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Acculite, Balistik, & Red Steel Stepless Review

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Apollo Golf Shafts, Steel & Graphite Whether your tastes run to classic literature, 1960s space exploration, or the movies, you've no doubt heard, seen or read the name Apollo. Most commonly associated with the Greek god of light and music, the name evokes celestial thoughts for most of us. In addition to those applications, Apollo is also the name of one of the largest golf shaft companies in the world -- offering everything from traditional stepped steel iron shafts to high-tech graphite driver shafts in unique profiles and colors -- and everything in-between.

Almost unbelievably, the Apollo golf shaft company had its start in England nearly 150 years ago -- not as a shaft manufacturer then, to be sure, but that wasn't far behind with the first tubular steel shaft patent being granted to them in 1913. That was 14 years before the R & A Club would recognize and allow the use of steel shafts in clubs for competition. These days, you don't have to look far to find an Apollo shaft in a golf bag, including those on the PGA Tour. Perhaps the most notable is the Apollo Hump shaft played by U.S. Open Champion Jim Furyk and PGA Champion Vijay Singh.

To address every Apollo shaft offering would take days (and pages and pages of review) so I'll just touch on a few of the highlights. The Apollo Acculite, is perhaps the best known of their shafts. Available for both irons and woods in steel and graphite, the breadth of the Acculite line is as much or more than many manufacturers' entire line-up. Broadly speaking, the central idea with the Acculite line is they are lighter in weight than their comparable competition. By making the shaft 20-30 grams lighter, you give the club maker more options for head and grip combinations, while still allowing the overall club to remain as light as possible -- without sacrificing good ball flight characteristics. Reducing the overall weight of the club (and a lighter shaft does just that) will generally increase distance. The knock on many of the lightweight offerings is that the ball "balloons" (e.g. shoots too high in the air) because the dynamic performance of the club can't be maintained at the lower weight.

Another nice option from Apollo is the Balistik series. This is a long-time favorite among club makers because each shaft can be trimmed to result in any of four (4) flexes (L, A, R or S). This keeps inventory down, of course, and therefore cost and turn-around time to your finished club.

The last one I'll mention here is the Red Steel Stepless iron shaft. The idea of a stepless (continuous taper) shaft is nothing new -- but who said iron shafts have to be chrome? Apollo has given this shaft a durable red finish that, if nothing else, will get you and your clubs noticed. If you're looking to make a statement with your golf clubs, this is certainly one way to do it.

As you would expect, Apollo offers their shafts in all of the standard tip and butt dimensions for either component golf clubs or OEM retro fits. While prices will always vary, the Apollo shafts have always been, and should continue to be, an excellent value.

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