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Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine To me, putting has always been an instinctive, almost spiritual part of the game of golf. The putter currently in my bag belonged to my grandpa, and probably didn't cost him a whole lot of money even back when he started to golf. When I putt, I focus more on learning to trust myself, the green, and the ball -- rather than reading the green, checking my alignment, and keeping my head still.

I also miss a lot of putts.

The Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine is for those who take their improvement in the game of golf seriously and are willing to put in the hours. It's designed to create the ideal environment for you to spend time building good habits and muscle memory, as well as accommodate your swing as an individual golfer.

It's not unlike many of the other putting trainers designed to keep you on a plane, with one huge exception: it's totally customizable. It can be adjusted from square to 5 different arcing patterns depending on what you're comfortable with. It also has a ball position locator that will allow you to ensure the ball is always in the exact same spot, a variable that is very important to consider if you're coming up short or blasting your putts past the hole.

The Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine is used today by dozens of PGA and LPGA Tour professionals and instructors. It is also fully reversible for lefties. If you're serious about taking the praying aspect out of your putting game and want to be able to control your own destiny on the green, the Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine is as good as it gets when it comes to golf tools.

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