Yonex Lady Golf VMX Driver Club

Womens Tungsten Weighted Pink FL 460cc

Posted by Robert

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Yonex Lady Golf VMX Driver Club The name Yonex doesn't exactly scream great golf equipment to me. I used to have an old Yonex tennis racket when I was 16. It was pretty good. Yonex makes badminton rackets as well. I don't really know a whole lot about badminton. Perhaps I'll take up the sport later in life.

This Yonex VMX Driver is not a horrible club. It has a whopping 460cc clubhead, which means it's just about the size of a badminton racket. It uses something called Centrifugal Force System technology that is supposed to add distance. I think it just adds cool words to their product description.

One thing I do like is the shape. It has a unique Aero Pentagon Shape. This will increase your swing speed because of less wind resistance. In addition, I like that they've used tungsten weights to help balance the driver to help you get the club back to square. The color of the driver is actually pretty cool, too.

However, allow me to recommend a couple of alternatives. If you want a better driver at the same price point, check out the Nike Lady SQ Dymo 2 Driver -- and for more money, the TaylorMade Lady R9 Supertri Driver. Both of these are very forgiving with the ability to adjust the clubhead.

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