X6 Golf Club Groove Cleaner & Sharpener

U and V Wedge Grooving Tool

Posted by Robert

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X6 Golf Club Groove Cleaner & Sharpener This is a great device for you golfers that are still in love with your cherished 1979 rusted-out pitching wedge. It's a groove sharpener, re-grooving tool that will turn that outdated thing back to its original form.

The tool works on both U grooves and V grooves. It is made with a very durable, vacuum-treated A2 tool steel. The thing is extremely hard and has six cutting blades -- 3 U and 3 V tips. The X6 Groove Sharpener is perfectly legal and complies with USGA rules.

I like this tool for all of you that are attached to a certain wedge that you have tremendous confidence with. However, that's the extent of it. I would recommend to all of you golf enthusiasts to update your equipment frequently. We are very lucky to enjoy a sport that has billions of dollars dumped into the technology. If you love this sport, do yourself a favor and get some new equipment -- and you don't have to blow a paycheck either to get some great technology to lower your scores. But you already know that by now, because you read these incredibly well-written blogs at ZipGolfer.com.

For a sweet wedge with grooves that will spin back a bowling ball, check out the Men's Titleist Vokey Spin Milled Oil Can Wedge. And for a good inexpensive wedge, try the Affinity Revo 56 Degree Black Satin Finish Wedge.

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