Women’s LPGA Golf Hat, Adjustable Baseball Cap

Gogie Girl Dottie by Vicki Waldorf

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Women’s LPGA Golf Hat, AdjustableThe LPGA tour is gaining popularity, and more and more girls are picking up the game. I think a big part of this trend is the cool fashion designs that the ladies are sporting. Here's a great concept invented by Vicki Waldorf, wife of PGA Tour pro Duffy Waldorf. Vicki realized there were no hats designed with the ladies' preferences in mind and came up with Gogie Girl. The name comes from a nickname she gave her daughter who, when she was a baby, used to chase after her older brothers, always wanting to go with them, saying "Gogie, Gogie, Gogie." Thus, her company is designed for women who are on the go.

Some of the qualities that you are going to like about this hat (that you won't find in any men's hat) are:

To start, the hat. It's designed with lots of room in the back, making it easy to wear a ponytail, and the strap that adjusts to fit your head is easily hidden in a special pocket. The underside of the brim is black to mute glare, and the special Silton lining prevents makeup stains. This hat is extremely soft and very lightweight.

This Dottie design takes its name from the crazy polka dots (not LPGA pro Dottie Pepper). The latest trend in ladies' apparel seems to be "the wilder, the better." I like this hat, but if you are a little more conservative, check out the plain-jane Carly hat. It's a simple, solid-colored hat with just the Gogie insignia on it.

Find this Gogie Girl Dottie Cap on eBay:

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