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Wilson Men's Di11 Irons, New 2011 My man Padraig Harrington is Wilson's poster boy. The three-time Major Champion said (back in November of 2010) that these are Wilson's longest irons ever. The sweet spot is 36% larger than any other game-improvement iron. Wilson accomplishes this by removing weight from the perimeter of the face and inside the cavity. This provides for a huge, unsupported face.

Move over blades, the cavity back is being more and more prevalent, even with the big boys and girls of the tour. Back in the old days, the thought was that to have good feel and be able to work the golf ball – one had to swing a club that was reinforced with solid steal from top to bottom, thus making the sweet spot the size of an amoeba’s eyelid. (Yes, I’m aware that amoebas don’t have eyelids. Don’t get smart. You’ll be using this metaphor tomorrow at the office.)

Somebody figured out that workability and feel has nothing to do with swinging a blade. It has more to deal with the size of the heal and topline. It seems pretty logical to me. If you have a club that has a thinner topline with a small heal, it is more “user friendly.” I know that I have no problem working the ball with a smaller club than one of those huge ping-pong paddle things.

With this club, Callaway has combined the things I like most about irons: The faces are small, but the sweet spot is big. So I can have all the advantages of a forgiving clubhead, but I am still able to hit high draws or low cuts, just like Padraig Harington.

Of course, Padraig doesn't play these irons on tour; these are designed for us amateur golfers looking for some game-improvement technology. Other technology includes a modified exoskeleton which distributes weight to the bottom of the club. This moves the center of gravity deep and low on the club. This really helps you get the club down to the ball (especially in deep rough) and it promotes a higher ball flight. And Wilson has made the shaft tip wider. (Man, they’ve thought of everything.) You see most with most clubs they make the actual clubhead bigger to raise the MOI so the club doesn’t twist on mishits. But in order to keep this clubface small, Callaway added size to the tip and left the club face alone. This makes the club very stiff and prevents twisting on mishits.

I recommend these irons to high to mid handicappers, and even some of you lower guys. You won't find a forgiving, game improvement iron that is longer and with workability to boot. However, for the price (at least as of February 2011) I would go with the previous model, the Wilson Staff Di9 Men's Iron Set. Unless you are that guy that has to have the latest and greatest, I don't see a lot of discernable difference in the two sets.

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