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SpongeBob SquarePants | Kids Golf 6 Set

Posted by Jess

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Wilson Golf Balls I love it! When Tiger started playing, it definitely encouraged younger players to begin learning the game of golf -- but this is almost ridiculous, isn't it? But again... I love it!

Why not have the kids come out and learn the game and enjoy it with Mom and Dad? And what better way than to encourage them with a ball that has a lot of "character?"

That's right: Wilson Sponge Bob Golf Balls. 6 of them, friends. Not slouchers, either. These little babies have a high powered titanium core, 2 piece construction, and a "cut-proof" Ionomer cover that helps them last a long time.

The great thing about these types of balls (which are not all that expensive) is that generally the younger golfers using these can't get them too far into trouble. That way, you will almost always be able to retrieve them if they go a little astray.

The hardest thing we may have to do is teach them to line up a putt. "Ok, now son. Just mark your ball, pick it up, and set it back down -- lining up Sponge Bob's buck teeth with the hole..."

All joking aside, I give some props to Wilson for creating this more-than-a-novelty ball.

I also reviewed these because it just seems like these would have to go with this set...

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