Watch This: Back to Back Aces Half the Hole in 1

Posted by Robert on Jun 24

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I’ve witnessed some pretty improbable scenarios in the course of a golf match, but what happened last Thursday in Kansas is almost hard to imagine.

It’s much more impressive than when my buddy, Nick and I battled to the 18th green at Indian Peaks with all the skins from the round carrying over.  (A total of about $3.75.)  Nick was in the greenside bunker facing more pressure than the top button of Kirstie Alley’s blouse during her Cha-Cha-Cha on Dancing with the Stars. To my delight, he skulled it over the green.  I’d like to say that I didn’t immediately begin doing an OchoCinco-like touchdown dance while singing “We are the Champions.”  Nick walked up to his ball that was sitting in a horrible downhill lie in deep rough. He took no practice swings; moreover he barely took a stance before wildly swinging at it.  The ball popped onto the green and ran straight into the hole like a mouse trying to avoid a swooping hawk. He won 1 up.  (I didn’t finish my song.)

It’s even more impressive then when my buddy Scott cast his lure off the end of my dock (back home in Florida) into a school of frenzied Jack Crevalle.  He pulled in an angry 5 lb. fish on the first cast.  “Oh yah??… Watch this!” I replied.  (Watch this is the official reply by all men when attempting to show up their adversary.  It’s usually immediately followed by said man’s wife reaching for her cell phone and dialing 9-1-1 while slowly moving backwards as if she had just came across a mountain lion.)  In this case emergency services were not needed (although we almost laughed ourselves off the dock). With my rod tip bowed like I had hooked Moby Dick, I promptly reeled in two Jacks after one cast – one fish connected to each treble hook that dangling off the small 3 inch Mirror lure.

But what happened on the 212-yard par 3 17th hole in at Hesston Golf Park in Kansas puts both of these stories to shame.  Greg Bontrager and Justin  Pressnail were playing in a Hesston Men’s Club event. Justin, who barely knew Greg was one hole up with two to play.  Hoping to close out the match he pulled a six iron and hit the best shot of his life.  It was difficult to see the hole from the tee box, but one member of the foursome said, “That ball went in the hole!”

You’ve probably already figured out what happens next.  There are no reports that Greg, who would need a hole in one himself to extend the match said, “Watch this?!” But let’s just pretend that happened anyway.  Greg pulled a hybrid out of his bag and did what the National Hole-In-One Registry estimated was a 17 million to 1 shot.  The hole was halved in 1 and the players went on to the next hole. This was both players’ 1st hole in one.  Poetically, Greg won the last hole with a par to Justin’s bogey and survived to tie the match.

No word on how big the bar tab was that followed the round at the Hesston 19th Hole, but it couldn’t have been too bad.  After all Greg and Justin were splitting it.


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