US Kids Junior Golf Club Set, Ultralight Green

Includes Carry Stand Bag

Posted by Robert

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US Kids Junior Golf Club Set,So it's time to get the bambino (or bambi-nette) a set of golf clubs. This is a pretty snazzy beginner set. This set of US Kids 2008 has five golf clubs including a driver and a putter.

This Ultralight Series is designed for the first-time golfer made with light clubheads and flexible shafts. The shafts are made from a very light composite which are all matched (just like our big boy golf clubs).

You should buy golf clubs based on your child's height. I recommend these for kids whose height ranges from 48 inches to 54 inches tall. I also would recommend you get your kid a lesson with a club pro, or a summer kid's group where they will learn the game correctly from the beginning.

My favorite thing about this set is the golf bag. This is the lightweight stand bag that you carry like a backpack. These are very popular for golfers at all levels, and is very similar to the one I use regularly. I'm sure your golf-pro-to-be is going to like it.

If, by chance, your child has already been playing for a while and you're looking for a higher quality set, check out the US Kids Golf Tour Series. These clubs are made with better and heavier materials with stiffer shafts.

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  1. US Kids Junior Golf Clubs, Tour Series Set of 10 w/ Driver Says:

    [...] This set is best for children who are between 61.5 inches to 64.5 inches. If your child is just starting out, don't buy this set — check out the US Kids 2008 Ultralight Green Series. [...]

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