True Temper GS 75 Shaft

Steel Alloy For a Lightweight Iron Golf Club

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True Temper GS 75 Shaft To call these shafts "steel" is a bit of a stretch. There's no way True Temper could get steel shafts down to a feather-light 75 grams. These shafts are lighter than Paris Hilton on a fast. They are lighter than a helium balloon on the moon. They are lighter than whipped cream on a non-fat, sugar-free decaf latte. These shafts are lighter than MC Hammer's wallet. They are lighter than Richard Simmons' loafers. (Okay, I'm done.)

The shaft is made out of an alloy. It is right around the same weights as most graphite shafts (75 grams) but has better responsiveness and feel (except for perhaps these Aero-Techs). True Temper, of course, is the inventor of steel shafts, and their standard shaft is the most popular shaft on the PGA Tour (and everywhere else).

Playing this GS 75 will feel like graphite but with more control. It gives you a high ball flight with less spin, which adds to more distance. Most of you will go up at least one club for each distance, e.g. if you used to hit your 8-iron 150, you'll be switching to your 9-iron.

If you want something lighter but not this light, take a look at the True Temper Dynalyte SLs. They are around 100 grams, which is not nearly as light. (Did I mention these were light?)

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