Tour Edge Wedge Club, Exotics Xtreme Spin

Black Forged Milled Face w/ Adjustable Weight

Posted by Robert

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Tour Edge Wedge Club, Exotics XtremeThe first thing you are going to notice when you look at this wedge is the red screw sunk right into the back of it. This is not to make it look like a Frankenstein, but is rather adjustable for weight. You can make the wedge heavier or lighter to your taste and adjust the feel and performance. It's much easier then messing around with lead tape -- and looks kind of cool to boot.

But the coolest thing about this wedge is the face. It's a milled, super-thin 1.5mm forged face. Behind this thin face is a thermal plastic elastomer core. Feel players are going to really like the way the ball feels when struck with this player's wedge.

Although you can hit any shot around the green with this very versatile wedge, what I like most about the wedge is the feel on full swings. The club has a sweet soft buttery feel, and the ball dances on the green with a lot of zip.

Tour Edge really does a good job making clubs with a wonderful feel. You might also check out the Tour Edge Exotic XCG-3 irons.

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