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Golf Gift Set | Pebble Grain w/ Tee, Ball Marker

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Toss Designs Flask Certain golf gifts speak louder than others.

The golf towel says, "I couldn't find anything else and had five minutes. Sorry."
The exploding golf ball says, "I still find this joke funny even though it never works."
The Maxfli Noodle golf balls say, "I do care. I just went for what was on sale."

And of course, the Toss Designs Golf Flask Gift Set says, "You look like a drunk golfer."

For the golfer who likes to sneak the hard stuff out on the course, this little gift set comes with a flask, four golf tees if you can balance the ball, two ball markers if you make it to the green, a ball mark fixer if you can hit it straight enough to stick one, and a funnel to get all the spirits into the small opening without spilling it everywhere.

It comes in black for easy concealment, green to spot easily when seeing double, and pink for the lady who likes to be tipsy by hole #4. And the price is normal for this style and size of flask.

Just make sure you know who you are buying this for -- remember, certain golf gifts speak louder than others.

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