Titleist DTR Irons Review

Men’s & Ladies Golf Clubs Set for Long Distance

Posted by Jess

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Drive. Threaten the ball in the air. Repeat.

While this accurately describes an acronym of my golf game, thankfully it is not what the DTR stands for in the Titleist DTR irons. So just what exactly does it stand for?

"Distance Through Research."

Nice, Titleist. I dig. This company has always innovated in order to deliver nice irons. I have tried several sets (including a five and seven iron of the DTRs) and they do swing nicely. They don’t have a lot of “fluff” to them, and the heel and toe are nicely balanced to produce a nice big sweet spot.

When I hit the five iron, I had trouble producing a high shot -- though it always traveled the right distance. This is no fault of the club, I’m sure. The seven iron produced a consistent, nice high shot that traveled my normal “seven iron distance.”

87 yards. Just kidding; it was at least ten yards farther than that.

While these were produced way back in the early '90s, these used sets that you’ll find are a great find. They also keep a pretty good resale value if these are “stepping stone” irons for you, but are good enough to keep you swinging for years to come.

In addition, these irons are nice enough to cause even the smuggest members of your foursome to nod in approval at a good set of Titleist irons in your bag. Highly recommended.

Find these irons on eBay:

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