Tiger Woods Men’s Belt in Black, White w/ Metal Buckle

Posted by Robert

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Tiger Woods Men's Belt in Black, WhiteC'mon man, you got the Nike shoes. You got the Dry Fit Nike Shirt, tucked neatly into your freshly pressed black slacks. You even got the Nike TW hat. Don't go scrimping on the belt by going down to "The Tar-jay Boutique."

In order to play like Tiger Woods, you're going to have to look like Tiger Woods. Maybe then you can forget about the fact that he can clear his hips faster than a F16 launching off of an aircraft carrier, or that he can bench over 400 lbs.

Please don't even think about twisting yourself into the position he gets into at impact where most of his lower body is pointing towards the target, all while his spine angle hasn't changed since address, his head hasn't moved, and his shoulders are perfectly square to the target line. (I promise you you'll throw a disc if you even get close to this position.)

Listen, my golf swing looks a lot more like Paul Goydos then Tiger Woods, but I sure as heck am not gallivanting around in a faded golf shirt and a "Dirt Bags" baseball cap.

Thus, the only thing you can really to do be like Tiger is dress like him. Oh, and you could practice your short game, too.

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