Tifosi Lust Wrap Around Sunglasses

Bendable & Unbreakable, Black Grilamid TR-90

Posted by Robert

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Tifosi Lust Wrap Around Sunglasses My buddy Dino was sporting a pair of cool sunglasses last Sunday on the golf course that looked almost exactly like these, only they had an "O" on the side. I'm thinking that stood for Oakley.

This style is what I would call "Race Car Driver Black" and is very popular. The glasses look very sporty and you look like you are moving fast even when you are standing still. Not that this is important on the golf course, but looking cool is always important everywhere.

These Tifosi Lust are good for golfers because they have a wrap-around vision so you can use your peripheral vision. Obviously this is important when playing golf because when you are making a big turn, your head might actually swivel a little bit.

The coolest thing about the glasses is you can bend them but you can't break the darn things. They are made of a material called Grilamid TR-90. This stuff is really bendable. This is a big thing for me, because I'm really hard on sunglasses. I sit on them. I step on them. I drop them.

Furthermore, when I play golf, I am constantly alternating between having them on my face and then putting them on top of my head and then back on my face again. This can wear out a pair of flimsy glasses and make them not fit very well. These Tifosi Lust hold their shape very well.

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