The Perfect Club

Graphite Steel Short Shaft, Wood Iron

Posted by Robert

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The Perfect Club Here's a lesson in Marketing 101: Keep repeating the name of the product over and over again until it is ingrained in your client's head, e.g. "The Perfect Club is wonderful. The Perfect Club hits great shots. The Perfect Club will cure cancer..." I remember they used to run these infomercials on this product on the Golf Channel. I swear the guy was getting paid by how many times he said "The Perfect Club." It looks like they've used the same tactic in the description on Amazon as well.

Just because they are using (maybe not so) clever marketing tactics doesn't necessarily make this a bad product. Let's take a gander:

Advertised as "the most versatile club ever made," The Perfect Club will replace your 7 wood and 3 or 4 iron. (Uh-oh, now I'm doing the repeating thing too. It's contagious.) This product is shorter in length than your 3 iron, but will fly further. It comes with a True Temper Steel Shaft or a UST Shaft in Graphite and classic crossline Lamkin grip or a Winn Grip on the ladies version.

Okay, let's get down to brass tacks. There's no such thing as a perfect golf club (except for maybe your putter when you're stroking the ball well and taking all of your buddies' cash.) The perfect club does do as advertised; it is easy to hit and makes it easier to get the ball airborne -- but so does a good hybrid.

If you want to keep from getting ribbed by your golf buddies, pass on The Perfect Club and check out the Nickent Golf 3DX RC Hybrid Iron. I don't choose The Perfect Club. The Perfect Club is not in my bag. The Perfect Club review is now over. Bub-bye Perfect Club.

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