The Last Two Major Champions: A Tale of the Tape

Posted by Robert on Jul 29

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Major winners come in all shapes and sizes. The last two majors were won by two Northern Irishmen: Rory Mcllroy, a pimply faced kid, and Darren Clarke, a beer-bellied old geezer.

Rory Mcllroy won the US Open in June at the spry age of 22. That’s not old even old enough to rent a car. So how did Rory get to Congressional Country Club? Did his mum drop him off?

On the other hand, Darren Clarke won the British Open in July at the elderly age of 42 without the use of a golf cart or a long putter. The man played near flawless golf on the bunker-ridden links of Royal St. George’s in weather that would make Sig Hansen head for harbor. Let’s put these two mates together and figure out once and for all what goes into making a major Champion.

Major Record:
Rory: 1 for 10
Darren: 1 for 54

Rory: 5’10”, 160 lbs.
Darren: 6’2” 225 lbs.

US President in Office at Birth
Rory: Ronald Reagan
Darren: Lyndon B. Johnson

Golf Idol
Rory: Tiger Woods
Darren: Jack Nicklaus

When Jack won his 18th Major (1986)
Darren: High school junior
Rory: Twinkle in his father’s eye

Rory: Fruity Pebbles and a glass of Sunny Delight
Darren: Bloody Mary and a Marlboro

Pre-round routine
Rory: 30 minutes of stretching, 30 minutes driving range, 30 minutes putting
Darren: 5 minutes stretching with Miguel Angel Jimenez, a trip to the can, a smoke, then out the 1st tee.

Fitness regimen
Rory: Runs three miles, weight training twice a week, and yoga in the evenings
Darren: Hot wings make little beads of sweat on his forehead

Rory: Grilled salmon salad, iced tea
Darren: Fish and chips, Guinness

Biggest collapse
Rory: 2010 Masters, blew a 3 shot lead on Sunday shooting 80
Darren: 1996 British at Troon, after leading, shanked one early in the final round and vanished

Favorite mantra
Rory: “A champion never quits.”
Darren: “AA is for quitters.”

Snack at the turn
Rory: Banana, peanuts
Darren: Hot Dog, Snickers, Marlboro

Rory: Soccer, loves Manchester U.
Darren: Horse racing, once won 5 Gs on Sneaky Pete (25-1)

Rory: Grilled chicken, mixed veggies, sparkling water
Darren: “How late does Domino’s deliver?”

Trophy Drink
Rory: Mountain Dew from The US Open Trophy.
Darren: Slammed a "Car Bomb” from The Claret Jug.

All joking aside, Rory and Darren are distinguished champions and truly great ambassadors to our game of golf. In a time when the best player continues to display tremendous egomaniacal behavior, these guys --“The Child Prodigy” and “The Wise Warrior”-- are accessible, humble, and just downright likable. Thanks for picking up the slack and making us crazy golf geeks proud.

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