The Awesome Foursome: The World’s Best Trick Golf Balls

Exploding Golf Ball

Posted by Robert

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The Awesome Foursome: The World's BestEverybody has "that guy" in his group. You know the one; he takes the game a little too seriously. Everybody is tiptoeing around on eggshells when he's lining up his two-foot putt. God forbid somebody dares sniffle, or he will launch into some angry tirade. C'mon people, it's time to confront this bully. Maybe "confront" is too strong a word. Perhaps just a light-hearted practical joke will loosen him up.

This four-pack of trick balls is just what the doctor ordered. Of course, it has the ball that explodes on impact: The Exploder. It has one called The Phantom. This ball disintegrates into a watery mist on impact. The Jet Stream vanishes and then changes into fifteen feet of spiraling ribbon.

My favorite is The Unputtaball. This is perfect for your uptight opponent. The trick is switching the ball out so he doesn't realize he's not putting with his own ball, especially if he is one of those guys that has to line up his logo for every putt. Try this: while you politely offer to clean his ball with your towel, wager him a dollar he can't make that short putt without lining up the logo. Then switch out his ball with the Unputtaball and replace it on his mark. When he strokes it, the ball will look like a Mexican jumping bean, jumping and gyrating offline.

Warning: You should probably wait until the back nine to infuriate your temperamental friend. Nobody wants to put up with his pouting for more than a few holes.

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