Teed Up Driving Range

Portable Golf Chipping Net w/ Ball Dispenser

Posted by Jess

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Teed Up Driving Range "Teed Up Teed me off!" was one of the quotes I've seen about this product.

Uh oh.

It looks like such a great idea, too. The Teed Up Portable Driving Range is a simple ball holder that can handle 45 golf balls, and a mechanism that automatically places the ball on the tee... every time. It even comes with a 7' x 9' net AND a ball shagger to collect the balls and place them back in the setter. Seems like it would work great for someone who (a) didn't want to go the driving range to spend time, money, and gas; or (b) someone who wants to practice, but can't bend down very well due to back issues and the like.

The trouble is, it doesn't seem to work very well. I have researched several reviews for this online, and it appears that even the most successful "teeing rate" was around 50%. Occasionally, it is frustrating to see a great idea for a product with a poor execution of manufacturing.

When attempting to go directly to the source, I could only find a place-holder website advertising that an update was "coming."

Shame. It looks like a winner. Maybe looks can be deceiving.

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